100 Doors: Room Escape

100 Doors: Room Escape

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Consider this as an absolute Brain teaser!
Want to take some challenging tasks! Here we present you one of the most amazing and addictive brain teaser.
We all want to accept challenge in our life and with this 100 doors: Room escape we can make this more exciting while choosing some addictive brain puzzle tasks.
100 Doors: Room Escape is a game of puzzles based on simple brain logic, current affairs and a bit of math. Those who don’t love math can also enjoy this 100 doors game as it requires just simple calculations.
You can use test entire feature of your phone or Android device through this fantastic room escape game. In every room there are some brain teaser puzzle along with clue button which makes your escape somehow more easy than before.
Entire 100 doors levels are different from each other which makes this more addictive and your affinity towards solving puzzle rises with every room you escape. Any room escape will give you a very stress buster feeling as you advance in this game.
If you would have loved playing other 100 doors game, we hope we will not disappoint you with this room escape game. Give a try for once and believe me you will love this like any other game on your phone or device.
Few levels of this door escape game will give ask you to enjoy your phone features such as shake, tilt, drag etc.
• 100 doors is a perfect brain teaser game for all ages
• Well designed brain puzzle levels
• Great environment created for the users
• Rooms are ready for escape.
• 100 levels of brain teaser
Classic brain teasing game of addictive fun levels .