One Gun: Stickman

One Gun: Stickman

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One Gun: Stickman

One Gun: Stickman

" Экшен "
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Stickman? Yes, Stickman! Excellent cannons and mountains of monsters, through which you will have to break through to achieve the cherished goal! In general, this is an ordinary RPG, but how is it done! uhh, already captures the spirit. Well, maybe not the first time, but you can not sleep at night until you pass it and you do not know what at the end of this trip on interesting lands and locations. By the way, there is no plot in the game, but it will appear if you can play long enough! In any case, which of us does not like to shoot and douse a dozen evil creatures? The game has 60 levels or so. And to pass them you need to sweat. The explosions, shooting, guns. You can also find spinners and gyro-paceters, which are likely to become invincible. The truth is not forever.
Also in our game you will have your own bitcoin farm! A cat will help you get rich :)
If you want to offer an interesting idea, or just follow our projects, then we are waiting for you!


Что нового

bugs fix;
fast hero upgrade;
trololo zone power was increase;
Hero level increased 200
number of coins increased 1.5k
level of pumping the hero is increased 1000;
new content;
optimized map (no longer lags)
music for the new zone;
mushroom skin (available as boss debuff for now)
missions will allow you to get more experience, money and so on;
the ability to record gameplay with Android 6+;
customized settings;
some bugs fixed;


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