Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice

Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice

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Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice

Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice

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Help rookie detective Parker solve cases and bring criminals to justice!
In Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice, a streak of murders plagues the city. Become a homicide detective and restore law and order in this unique crime investigation game!
Lily Parker is a smart and righteous detective who works hard to put criminals behind bars and make the world a better place, even if her own life is a mess. Victor Lane is a smug but charming criminal defense attorney who doesn’t care who he’s defending as long as he’s getting paid. He’s also the best at his job.
When some of the criminals Lane defended in the past start dying, Parker’s forced to work with him to find the culprit. Could it be one of the criminal’s victims? Or perhaps some kind of vigilante? Is Lane himself being targeted?
Immerse yourself in the first episode of an exciting time management story game, feel the thrill of the chase and prove that your detective skills are second to none! Parker & Lane – Criminal Justice is waiting for you.
Help expose the hidden killer
before another victim falls!

Look for evidence
while investigating 9 different locations
Master 18 mini games
based on forensic investigation

Examine clues and analyze objects
using forensic techniques
Play through 60 extraordinary story levels
and 30 extra challenge levels

Complete your case file
by collecting diamonds
Conquer daily challenges
to earn extra diamonds for your case file

Beat your high score
with a choice of 15 awesome endless levels
Try the first few levels for free! To access the full game, you can either unlock everything with an in-app purchase, or continue playing the free version with ads.
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Что нового

• The game should now correctly start in your device's language when first starting up. Sorry about that!
• The camera item is now easier to select and use! Now you should really have it when you think you do.
• We've made the tappable areas each item and station bigger. They should be much easier to select.
• Finding Carl the mouse should be added to your score every time you catch him. That Carl was just being too sneaky, but we sniffed him out.


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